Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Dream Meanings 

The Easter weekend's been and gone. My flat is now almost a cardboard box-free zone and I'm generally feeling more organised and sorted-out than I have for a couple of months, since I started the pre-move packing.

I'd promised myself some mental relaxation and a break from work. I think I pretty much managed that during waking hours. Sleeping hours were another matter. Monday night I had a full-blown nightmare about a work event that's happening this coming Thursday - I woke up sweating, with pulse racing, the whole works. Now, I can understand that I'm stressed about this event, although I didn't think it was quite at nightmare levels. What I can't understand is why, in my dream, I had a load of over-boiled Fettucini on my head! Is there some deeper meaning of pasta that I should be aware of?

The rest of the weekend I caught up on some films that I'd missed during their cinema release - 'Identity', which I really enjoyed, and 'Underworld', which I didn't particulalrly. The latter was definitely a case of style over story. I can only presume its good reviews were a result of the reviewers being wowed by the special effects or overcome by the sight of Kate Beckinsale in skin-tight PVC. I also spent some time compiling the information for my approaching B-school visits. I've printed maps and e-tickets, checked where I'm meant to be when, and started to think about specific things I want to find out at each school while I'm there. Two weeks' time and I'll be in New York, which is a great thought.

Anyway, back to work and attempting to make Thursday's event a little less nightmarish.


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