Friday, April 23, 2004

Almost Off 

Tomorrow’s the departure day for my B-school visits, although as I’m not staying at home tonight I suppose I’ve technically already departed. My flight’s at 9.30am, so I’m staying in London overnight. I’ll be within walking distance of Paddington Station and the Heathrow Express train, which makes it nice and easy to get to the airport in the morning, much easier in fact than staying in one of the airport hotels.

Work is the usual frantic rush to get things finished that always seems to proceed a holiday. This time things have been compounded by it being my boss’s first week back from a three-month sabbatical, and there was a highly ‘political’ meeting yesterday that’s had repercussions both before and afterwards. To cap it all, it looks like my job might be changing quite significantly. This could actually be a very good thing, but it has implications that I need to think through while I’m away.

Not sure what opportunities I’m going to get to update this while I’m away, but will do the best I can.


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